Henry Cavill Reportedly Says He's Still Interested In Playing Superman, Wants Man Of Steel Sequel

If Henry Cavill has things his way, he will continue to play Superman on the big screen and the [...]

If Henry Cavill has things his way, he will continue to play Superman on the big screen and the world will finally get a sequel to 2013's Man of Steel. This comes from a fan who encountered Cavill at San Diego Comic-Con as he was at the event t promote The Witcher, as Roger Roecken has shared on Twitter that Cavill is hoping to stick around with DC Comics movies.

"I still can't believe I ran into Henry Cavill," Roecken wrote in a tweet accompanying a photo of himself and Cavill. "He talked Superman and video games with me for a long time." If Roecken's responses are to be believed, then Cavill did have a good bit to say about Superman, though there is no word on which video games he chatted about (one might surmise it was Witcher related).

Check out the tweet from Roecken below, proving first that he did meet Cavill.

The comes the response with the valuable information which we can all hope is true.

"He said he still wants to play Superman," Roecken said. "Wants a sequel to Man of Steel. Wants to explore how it effects someone with absolute power, so many stories to tell what makes him tick."

Check out Roecken's tweet below.

This all has a bit a validity to it, looking back at Cavill's run as Superman with Warner Brothers. The actor appeared in 2013's Man of Steel before reprising the role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. A report later surfaced that he was done with the role for good, just around the same time that the Shazam! movie was looking t fulfill a Superman cameo. Ultimately, Cavill did not appear in Shazam! but a stunt double in his Superman costume stepped into the final frame of the DC Comics movie.

Cavill may have stepped on the Shazam! set for the cameo appearance if there was a standalone Superman movie on the way -- but there isn't, and he didn't.

Warner Brothers seems to have little interest in moving forward with a Superman movie, seeing as they did not take up Mission: Impossible - Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie up on an idea he and Cavill tossed around.

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