Poison Ivy Mad Lovers Statue Revealed By Kotobukiya

Poison Ivy has yet to have her return to the DC Cinematic Universe, though her current love, Harley Quinn has had her debut in Suicide Squad of course. Same goes for the "Mad Lovers" series of toys from Kotobukiya.

We've already seen the release of the Kotobukiya Harley Quinn - clad in her classic red and black outfit extremely oversized mallet in hand. But her partner in crime - and love has yet to be released, until now.

(Photo: Kotobukiya International)

From the Kotobukiya facebook page: The second in the Mad Lovers series, comes Poison Ivy! This ARTFX+ series renders female DC characters in a characteristic Kotobukiya style. Her appeal has been condensed into this smaller 1/10 scale, making her easy to collect. The cube shaped base that is used for all characters in the series, has been painted green to make this character even more fabulous. This mysterious series is one to keep your eye one. Available November 2017.

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(Photo: Kotobukiya International)

You can pre-order the figuring for $69.99 at Kotous.com. Also available at the site are ARTFX+ statues of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Gothams Cobblepot and Rebirth's Superman.

The "Mad Lovers" series is likely a nod to 11th episode of The New Batman Adventures, which was titled "Mad Love" and has Harley Quinn remembering how she first met the Joker.