SDCC 2019 Panel Recap: The Flash

The Flash remains a top series within the Arrowverse, and San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is eager to hype it in a big way. The show's panel is about to go down, and has all your details on the panel below:


The panel begins with a teaser for the next season. The moderator then comes out to introduce a slew of special guests: Grant Gustin, Candace Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Hartley Sawyer, and more are brought on stage.

The panel starts off talking about the new villain Dr. Ramsey who also goes by Bloodwork in the new season. He has black demonic eyes in the trailer, and season six will introduce him as an old acquaintance of Dr. Snow. Eric Wallace describes the character as a very different villain, and he will make a compelling big bad.

There will be two big baddies this season, but the first will be Bloodwork. They will be split up like graphic novels.

The panel asks whether Dr. Ramsey's goal of keeping death out of the world will relate to the grief over Nora. Gustin says the bigger connection is about how Barry Allen is fated to die, but that is about all. The actor says The Flash could go on without him, but the crowd violently disagrees.

Moving to Carlos Valdes, he says Cisco is finding normalcy in this new season. He made a very hard decision to take a cure, so now fans will discover what kind of rewards he will reap from doing so. He has his relationship with Camilla, and there is also Dr. Ramsey. Now, Cisco is lending his impossible human expertise to STAR Labs because he is a hacker and so much more.

Speaking to Candace, the panel talks about Iris' move to journalism. The actress said she is very excited to see the character built up in the comics, and she will hire her own employees to bring together a solid writing endeavor.

Gustin and Patton are asked how they are dealing with the loss of Nora, and Gustin says he tries to bury it - no pun intended. He just wants to do the best he can for the city and distract himself at the same time. However, Iris is not doing that. The pair learn they must come together and grieve as a team - as a married couple - if they want to keep Team Flash together.

The panel moves to Tom Cavanaugh and is asked about this season's new Wells. He cannot say much about this new version, but he will be a bit of a sensual one. He will be an adventurer and swashbuckler of sorts. He promises nothing and that fans must watch the show to know whether this Wells will have an accent.

Moving to Panabaker, she is asked what Caitlin and Killer Frost can expect. This year, she says the show set up a lot more Killer Frost, and she will be in STAR Labs. However, the word is out on how helpful she will be.

The next question is directed to Sawyer about Ralph. He says the show is eventually leading towards Sue, but he is not sure what else he can say about it. His family will also be dug into a little bit.

When asked about Thawne's return, the cast is not sure when that might happen. There is no word on when his shadow might return as there are other stories to tell.

The panel confirms Cavanaugh will be playing Pariah as part of the crossover. Pariah is an integral to releasing the Anti-Monitor onto the universe. For Tom to play such a character, his interpretation is exciting and will tear your guts out according to the showrunner. Fans will find out why Cavanaugh was brought in to play the character after the first section of The Flash season six and that will launch the Arrowverse crossover.

Gustin also says the show feels more adult, it feels like it has matured. He can feel it getting darker and going down that road.

Eric Wallace says it is time for Wally to come back. Now would be a great time to have him and The Flash return to fight a major villain.

The first fan question is about whether Gustin and Panabaker may kiss on screen again or bring up their characters' smooching again. The pair said they are keeping it on the down low from everyone. He also takes a moment to talk about his new suit and says it is very rad.

Another fan asks if the Green Lantern would make an addition to the Arrowverse. The whole panel agrees, but Wallace says he has no idea if that will ever happen. But it is worth fans to keep asking and trying.

Oh, and Panabaker will be directing again this season! So, fans can look forward to that!



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