Shazam! Director Reveals Fantasy Marvel/DC Crossover

In an another universe, there might be a world where everybody's favorite characters can co-exist in films, TV, and comics regardless of which studio, network, or publisher is behind them. In this world, such a notion is often a fantasy and nothing more. The idea of DC Comics characters crossing paths in movies with Marvel comics characters is one which not even the biggest fan would spend too much time fantasizing over. However, as comic shops are struggling following closures amidst the current pandemic which is plaguing the world, longtime Birds of Prey writer Gail Simon has a suggestion which can help sell some books when it is safe to re-open and offer the industry a boost. Ahead of Wednesday's Quarantine Watch Party with Shazam! director David F. Sandberg, proposed such a fantasy to the filmmaker to see which interaction he would most like to see.

It goes back to Simone's awesome suggestion. "When comics shops open back up as we all hope they will, I would love it if DC and Marvel could ask the lawyer to step outside, and have another big Marvel/DC crossover," Simone said in a tweet. "I know it's been said it will never happen," she added in a follow-up tweet. "But it could make a HUGE difference to shops."

In simpler times, Marvel and DC crossovers were not as difficult to come across. The Justice League heroes have interacted with Marvel's Avengers in stories which are often non-canon to their respective universes but make for fun escapes and stories, nonetheless.

If Sandberg could have his way in such a fantasy world, he would most like to see Shazam! interact with Marvel's wall-crawler. "I mean, I'm a big Spider-Man fan," Sandberg said. "So I mean, that's the first thing that pops into my head, because I just love Spider-Man. I don't know how they'd work together." He also notes, despite the hero of Shazam! being portrayed by the fully grown Zachary Levi, the character is "very much" a teenager in the form Billy Batson occupying the body of a god, putting his age in line with that of Peter Parker.

The notion of Levi and Asher Angel sharing the screen with Tom Holland is one which would be fun but, as Simone said, "will never happen." Fun to think about, nevertheless.


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Shazam!'s Quarantine Watch Party begins at 9pm ET on Wednesday night. Shazam! is scheduled to hit theaters on April 1, 2022.