Suicide Squad Director Thanks Fans For Film Crossing $300 Million At Domestic Box Office

Despite the mostly negative critical reception of Suicide Squad, the edgy anti-hero team-up film is making a killing at the box office - both global and domestic. In fact, this misfit of a movie is breaking records as we speak, further proving that the DCEU is working. Kofi Outlaw, Senior Editor of original content at ComicBook recently said:

" three weeks at the top of the domestic box office (and overwhelmingly positive viewer ratings), Suicide Squad is far from the prophesied disaster that would die quickly on bad word of mouth."

After having to defend his film quite a few times, director David Ayer took to Twitter today to thank the fans for Suicide Squad's box office success:

You're welcome, David! For those of us that enjoyed the movie, the second and even third viewing were arguably more fun than the first. Suicide Squad is currently sitting in 8th place with a little over 300 million in the official box office results list of all films released in 2016 so far.


The little villain film that could has already broken into the Top 100 Highest-Grossing Movies of All Time at the worldwide box office coming in at number ninety-two with over 600 million bucks. And it's not over...yet. Think of it this way - what do these numbers say about the aggregated Rotten Tomatoes score of 26%? Is it too early to say "The fans have spoken?"