Swamp Thing Finale's Post-Credits Scene Isn't What Anyone Expected

The series finale of Swamp Thing was released on DC Universe Friday morning, bringing an end to one of the most bizarre stories in television this year. The show itself has been fantastic from the jump, but the story surrounding its production clouded the majority of its release. After getting its episode cut from 13 to 10, Swamp Thing was cancelled following the release of the premiere. All of that news put a damper on an otherwise great series as a lot of fans chose not to get invested in something that had already been axed.

All of that leads to Friday's finale, which had people talking due to some comments from executive producer Mark Verheiden. Earlier in the week, Veriheiden tweeted about a big surprise in a post-credits scene at the end of the final episode. Since a show that had already been cancelled likely wouldn't have much to tease, fans had a variety of different thoughts as to what the scene could include. Everything from a crossover with Constantine to an announcement about a renewal on another platform was guessed at one point or another. The scene has now arrived on DC Universe and the results aren't what anyone expected. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The post-credits scene follows Matt Cable through a lab that has been ransacked, trying his best to find the culprit. Instead of a person, he finds a menacing looking tree-creature (think Groot, but terrifying). The creature reveals that he used to be the man known as Jason Woodrue.

swamp thing floronic man
(Photo: DC Universe)

Of course, if you're fans of the Swamp Thing comics you'll know exactly who this character is. The villain's name is Floronic Man, and he seemingly kills Matt Cable when the camera cuts away for the final shot. It seems as though the character was being set up to be the antagonist of the second season, or perhaps over the final episodes that were swapped around when the order was cut by three.

Regardless, Floronic Man's design is pretty flawless, making the cameo even more disappointing than before. It's frustrating to see what could have been had Swamp Thing not been cancelled so early.


That might very well be the last time we see this version of Swamp Thing on TV, unless of course The CW pulls off the impossible and gets him included in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. It's not very likely, but it's worth crossing fingers for.

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