The Batman Action Figure Includes Key Detail About Catwoman the Trailer Didn't Show

A new action figure from The Batman includes a key detail about Catwoman that the trailer didn't show. DC FanDome recently gave fans an even more in-depth look at Selina Kyle in the upcoming DC Comics movie. Zoe Kravitz will be rocking that iconic whip at some point in the film. The cat burglar was all over that trailer with Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader. But, there was no sign of the signature weapon in any moments from the clip. Director Matt Reeves is a devotee of the Batman mythos and it makes sense that he would find a way to incorporate one of the most recognizable elements of Catwoman into his film. The Batman is pulling from so much of the character's history. In this regard, the tale fits along with the other cinematic record of the character on the big screen. Check out what the action figure looks like down below to see Kravitz's weapon for yourself.

DC FanDome's big Batman panel saw Pattinson, Reeves, and Kravitz all talk about bringing this movie together. The director noted how the two stars displayed instant chemistry and he leaned into that as the movie continued production.

"There was just something very special and magical about the way [Pattinson and Kravitz] played off of each other right from the beginning," Reeves explained during the film's DC FanDome panel. "And so I just knew right away I was thinking, 'Well, there's just a really neat look.' I know you guys are friends. And so there was a great chemistry right from the beginning that I felt like there was a connection which you naturally had. And I feel like when we were filming, obviously that came out more and more."

Kravitz chimed in, "I definitely remember because that [screen test] was basically my audition, right? You know, Rob is already cast and that was my audition, and I was really nervous. And I remember you gave me [a helmet]. The hardest part to be honest on is the helmet I have that they were like, 'Here's this helmet,' you know, and you have to like walk out, and then you take the helmet off and you do the scene. But it's like sometimes really hard to look like cool when you're taking off, like, get stuck. And I was like, 'This is how I lose the part. I lose the part because I can't take it off.' (laughs)"

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