The Batman: Zoe Kravitz Reveals New Skill She Learned Shooting the Film

Zoë Kravitz learned how to shoot a gun without breaking one of her long nails while shooting The Batman. The star revealed how much technique went into loading, unloading, and shooting a gun while also making sure to keep her nails pristine. This is somewhat surprising since Catwoman is typically associated with using a long black whip as her main weapon of choice instead of a gun. However, it would appear Selina Kyle will be adding some gunplay to her arsenal at some point during The Batman, though she also makes use of her legs as a weapon as well.

Kicking was another new skill she picked up from her time on the DC movie. Kravitz explained to BuzzFeed how she got an extreme leg workout in, as she practiced performing kicks that were impactful while also keeping a proper form. "Kicking. Lots and lots of kicking. We worked with the stunt coordinator a lot to get a sense of her movements — we did a lot of floor work, but kicking seemed to be [Catwoman's] M.O. I would be so sore because I would do drills and kicks and kicks and kicks for hours. Being able to kick gracefully and remain balanced, while maintaining the proper form and having it all look good on camera — that was definitely the biggest thing," Kravitz said.

She then ended by joking about her new ability to shoot a gun off while not breaking a nail. "There was also some gun training — I had to be able to shoot the gun accurately, load it, and reshoot it, WITH these crazy-long learning how to shoot a gun without breaking a nail was a new skill I developed [laughs]," she said.

Fans got to see a lot of Catwoman in the 4K trailer for The Batman. Dubbed "The Bat and The Cat" trailer, Catwoman and Batman are working together as a team to stop Riddler's crime spree across Gotham City. Another interesting tidbit is Kravitz's Selina Kyle has a bunch of cats living with her. The cats are cuddled and purring around Batman's feet, with Selina stating, "I have a thing about strays."

Zoë Kravitz and director Matt Reeves also worked together to include long nails/claws into Catwoman's costume: "It was an extremely collaborative process — in all the ways, in terms of the character and how she looked and what she was wearing...our costume designer came to New York a week after I got the part to meet me and measure me and start the conversation about Catwoman. Matt [Reeves] is an extremely collaborative filmmaker who likes to get to know the person playing the character, so I didn't have to fight for anything — it was designed that way."

She added: "We developed the costume together as a team, and actually, the nails weren't originally planned. We shot two months before quarantine and everything shut down, so in that time, I started to grow my nails out because we couldn't get manicures and then I had this idea to take it I called Matt and was like, I have this idea, we should do crazy, bitchy, wonderful scary nails that looked like claws. No nail polish on them, so they looked more like claws, and we were able to incorporate it last minute."

The Batman arrives in theaters on March 4, 2022. Let us know your thoughts on Zoë Kravitz and The Batman in the comments!