'The Flash', 'Arrow' & 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Rank Amongst 2018's Most Pirated TV Shows

It is easier than ever to catch up with your favorite TV shows, and it seems plenty still resort to less-than-legal methods to peek their series. Now, Torrent Freak is outing which shows were the most downloaded in 2018, and it looks like the Arrowverse got hit hard.

Not long ago, the results for Torrent Freak's annual list of top-torrented titles went live. It was there fans of The CW's DC series learned how badly their shows came under fire.

According to the list, The Flash came in second place for 2018's BitTorrent list. Arrow followed in sixth place before DC's Legend of Tomorrow came around in ninth place. As far at this list is concerned, shows like Supergirl and Black Lightning managed to avoid a spot on the (perhaps not so) coveted list.

Looking over the list, the Arrowverse is not the only show by The CW coming under scrutiny. Supernatural hit at seventh place this year, moving it up to the top ten list when it didn't even place last year.

Outside of The CW, another superhero series came into view as a torrent magnet in 2018. As it turns out, Titans landed in fifth place as one of the year's most illegally downloaded titles. The feat is an impressive one since Titans debuted on DC Universe back in November, giving it little time to rack up an impressive number of downloads.

Still, the downloads were not enough to throw off the top torrented TV series of 2018. That honor belongs to none other than The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones traditionally held the top spot, but the HBO series dropped its six-year reign since the show did not release any new episodes in 2018. The Walking Dead was clear to take first place, moving it out of second place for the first time since 2014.

You can check out Torrent Freak's top ten list breakdown below:


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