Does 'The Flash' Midseason Finale Twist Prove "Crisis on Earth-X" Theory?

Last night on The Flash's midseason finale, The Thinker's nefarious plan came to fruition as he [...]

Last night on The Flash's midseason finale, The Thinker's nefarious plan came to fruition as he framed Barry for murder. This opened the door for "The Trial of the Flash," a classic storyline from the comics, to be the focus when the show returns in January, but there could be a tie to "Crisis on Earth-X" as well.

First, a brief explanation of "The Trial of the Flash." As we noted previously, "The Trial of the Flash" storyline in comics follows Barry being on trial for the murder of Professor Zoom. Zoom had previously murdered Iris and then tried to murder Barry's new love, Fiona Webb. Barry is ultimately convicted of Zoom's murder thanks to Abra Kadabra (disguised as Reverse-Flash) brainwashing the jury so Barry flees, ending up in the 30th century. That happens to be where Iris' spirit ended up and Barry going forward in time allows him to reunite with her and have their happily ever after.

While The CW series' take on "The Trial of the Flash" will obviously be a little different -- Iris isn't dead, the murder "victim" is Clifford DeVoe and not Zoom -- the idea of Barry needing to flee because of the charges or being convicted of them remains the same. It also provides an interesting tie to the mystery girl who appeared at Barry and Iris' Nazi-interrupted wedding. If you recall, a young woman was serving sparkling water at the wedding, and was very excited to speak to Barry. She seemed to have a more significant connection to the speedster than simply being excited to be at a wedding.

We've theorized that the girl could be either Dawn Allen or Jenni Ognats, Barry and Iris' daughter and granddaughter respectively, but didn't really have an idea of how that would tie to the larger story. Now, with "The Trial of the Flash" on the horizon, that tie is a little clearer. You see, in comics, Dawn and her twin brother Don are conceived during Barry and Iris' time in the 30th century after Barry flees there post-trial. Jenni Ognats, Dawn Allen's' future daughter, is also from roughly the same time period. While how the mystery girl ended up in the past is anyone's guess (though she could have simply run back in time much like Barry has himself done several times,) her purpose for being there might also follow comics history. Barry and Iris' happily ever after in the 30th century is short-lived with Barry dying in "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Both Dawn and Jenni would have an interest in trying to prevent that if possible.

Fans will just have to wait until The Flash returns in January to see how this mystery plays out.

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