Did You Catch 'The Flash's 'Samurai Jack' Easter Egg?

The Flash returned for its fourth season last week and, with all the excitement of getting Barry back from the Speed Force while also having to deal with the Samuroid menacing Central City, fans just might have missed a couple of clever Samurai Jack Easter eggs.

In last week's premiere a flying samurai lands on the streets of Central City and demands that Wally and Cisco bring him "the real Flash." If they fail to do so within a day's time the samurai says he will destroy Central City. The samurai's seemingly impossible demand leaves Team Flash with having to figure out what to do about this threat and while they puzzle it out at STAR Labs, Cisco refers to the mysterious flying samurai as "Samurai Jackass."

The line is a humorous play on the name of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim series Samurai Jack. The series, which ran for five seasons over a twelve-year time period, follows a samurai called Jack who is sent to a dystopian future that is ruled by a tyrannical and shape-shifting demon named Aku. Over the course of the series, Jack quests to travel back to his own time to defeat Aku, though every time he gets close to success, something gets in his way forcing him to continue.

However, the clever line isn't the only Samurai Jack reference some eagle-eyed fans caught in last week's premiere. In the Samurai Jack fan community on Reddit one user noted a curious resemblance between some of the gibberish that a Speed Force-scrambled Barry is writing on every flat surface he can and the logo representing Jack's clan on Samurai Jack.

Another Samurai Jack reference in the Flash Season 4 premier from samuraijack

While some pointed out that square symbols weren't quite identical, considering the reference earlier in the episode, the symbols could be another clever nod. And Flash fans will want to keep their eyes open for a completely different kind of Easter egg in the upcoming second episode of the season on Tuesday. A preview trailer for the upcoming "Mixed Signals" episode included a sly Batman Easter egg in reference to Barry's new suit.


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