'The Flash': What's Going on With Harry After "Null and Annoyed"?

The Flash returned from a month-long hiatus tonight, and it opened a whole other can of worms in the process.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of The Flash, "Null and Annoyed", below!

The episode saw Team Flash resorting to a wide array of means to defeat Null, a metahuman with the ability to control gravity. One of those methods was through the Thinking Cap, a device that seemed to grant Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) with the mental foresight to help stop DeVoe.

Throughout the episode, Harry became a bit too into how the Thinking Cap was working, even disappearing from the main storyline for stretches of time. And in the episode's final scene, Harry did something unexpected -- he opened the door to the secret lair built by Wells!Thawne, placed the Thinking Cap in a device inside, and turned to the podium against the wall. Harry then woke up Gideon (no, not the one from Legends of Tomorrow), who remarked that it had been a long stretch of time since they'd talked.


On one hand, there's a very small chance that Gideon could have confused Harry with Wells!Thawne, but Legends has proved that few things would get past the futuristic A.I. So with that in mind... something more has to be up.

Did Harry have his own version of Gideon on Earth-2? Possibly. But the framing of that entire scene had some major flashbacks to the early Wells revelations in the beginning of Season One, meaning that something has to be going on here. It almost seems too outlandish to have Wells!Thawne essentially be impersonating Harry, considering the arc he's gone on so far this season. But even then, it somehow wouldn't be out of character for the evil speedster.

While we don't quite know exactly what's up with Harry, it sounds like it will have some pretty surprising ramifications in the later batch of episodes.

“The biggest secret weapon that Team Flash has at the moment is the Thinking Cap,” Cavanagh's co-star, Carlos Valdes, explained last week. “It seems to be the next logical step in taking down DeVoe is to match his intelligence. However, that situation starts to get complicated. Harry gets ahead of himself and some dark secrets come out that definitely complicate his relationship to the team, especially his relationship to Cisco.”


Were you surprised by this revelation? What do you think is next for Harry? Let us know in the comments below.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.