The Suicide Squad Star Pete Davidson Reveals How Long It Will Take To Remove All His Tattoos

Between his buzzworthy stint on Saturday Night Live and his performances in films like The King of Staten Island and The Suicide Squad, Pete Davidson has become a bit of a household name. Aspects of the actor and comedian's personal life have continued to make headlines, including his eclectic array of tattoos. Davidson revealed in May of this year that he's started the process of getting his tattoos removed, and in a recent interview with People, Davidson shed light on how long the ambitious process is going to take, as part of a partnership he's doing with smartwater.

"We're shooting some stuff and it takes like a month for it to heal. But like it's pretty much off this hand," Davidson said, holding both hands up to the camera. "I get my next treatment [in] like a month or so. They said by the time I'm 30, they should all be gone. So they got like two more years left of this."

Tattoo removal isn't the only milestone that Davidson is undergoing at the moment, as he revealed on social media earlier this year that he moved out of his mother's basement.

"I just moved out of my mom's house," Davidson said in a video. "I'm fully out. I got a pad."

Davidson had previously been candid about his unique living situation, revealing in a February 2020 video for Netflix that he had moved into an "apartment/basement" in his mom's house a year prior. He also joked about the digs on the recent February 20th episode of Saturday Night Live, particularly with regards to Valentine's Day.

"In some ways, I like the pandemic Valentine's because it's the first time being alone wasn't my fault," Davidson explained. "I spent the night eating chocolates and watching a movie with my mom, which is why I'm officially moving out of the house. One of us has to go."

"I have to … The thing is, my mom is a lot like [Saturday Night Live]," Davidson continued. "No matter what I do, I'm never asked to leave."

Outside of Saturday Night Live, Davidson's upcoming work will include starring in the HBO Max animated series Fired on Mars. In August, he will also appear in the aforementioned The Suicide Squad, playing the Booster Gold villain Blackguard.

"I was in a big, uncomfortable costume," Davidson said of working on The Suicide Squad last May. "I think that would be a big difference [from The King of Staten Island]. I got to hold Glocks and stuff like that."

"They were both really fun to work with, everybody was really open and honest and the cast and crew was just so much fun," Davidson continued. "Honestly, I've been really fortunate and lucky to have great experiences with both films."

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