Tim Drake: Robin Trailer Released by DC

DC has released a trailer for Tim Drake: Robin ahead of the first issue premiere in September. Of course, there have been several heroes and sidekicks to take on the Robin mantle, with Batman's son Damian Wayne also using the moniker. Tim Drake is the Robin who used his detective skills to deduce that Bruce Wayne and Batman were one and the same, and has headlined his own solo series on various occasions. Perhaps the biggest news for the character is when Tim Drake came out as bisexual. The writer of that story, Meghan Fitzmartin, is teaming with artist Riley Rossmo for the ongoing Tim Drake: Robin series, which has a new splashy trailer a month out from its debut.

"Tim Drake is back and ready for action! Writer @megfitz89 & artist @rileyrossmo1 have crafted a new mystery and villain to challenge Robin like never before," a tweet from the official DC account reads. Fitzmartin is then shown on a video call, where she discusses the qualities that make Tim Drake such a fascinating character.

"He is the smartest. He is the detective. He is the one that discovered who Batman was," Fitzmartin said. "The humanity of Batman is so helpfully understood through the character of Robin. The core of Tim Drake is that his intelligence is perfectly paired with his empathy."

Riley Rossmo added, "We had a nice chat on the phone talking about all of the detective stuff." Rossmo also revealed how the comic incorporates parts of Sherlock Holmes and Scooby Doo. Uncolored pages from Tim Drake: Robin #1 were also shown in the trailer, including a look at Tim's new hideout in a Gotham marina.

Meghan Fitzmartin's tenure writing Tim Drake began in 2021's Future State: Robin Eternal, and carried over into Batman: Urban Legends, where she wrote his coming out story in "Sum of Our Parts" alongside artist Belén Ortega, colorist Alejandro Sánchez, and letterer Pat Brosseau. Fitzmartin is also writing the Dark Crisis: Young Justice miniseries that reunites Tim Drake with Superboy (Connor Kent), Impulse (Bart Allen), and Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark).

The solicitation for Tim Drake: Robin #1 is below. The issue goes on sale September 27th.

  • One Year Later Era variant cover by JORGE JIMENEZ
  • Harley 30th variant cover by DAVID BALDEON
  • Debut Era 1:25 variant cover by SWEENEY BOO
  • Young Justice Era 1:50 variant cover by DAN MORA
  • Teen Titans Era 1:100 variant cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL
  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
  • ON SALE 9/27/22
  • Step aside, Damian—the world's favorite Robin has got this! That's right, after years away, Tim Drake is taking center stage in a brand-spanking-new Robin series of his very own!
  • A mystery over a year in the making takes shape, as a new villain who's been hounding Tim from afar decides to take things up close and personal, putting Bernard and everyone else Tim cares about in peril as things go from bad to worse for the world's oldest and canonically tallest Robin [no, I will not be fact-checking that]. All that and Tim finally carves out a corner of Gotham City just for himself, and sets up shop in his very own…murder shack boat? Fan-favorite writer Meghan Fitzmartin teams up with beloved Harley Quinn artist Riley Rossmo to define the next chapter in Tim's life.
  • And as if that wasn't enough, break out your skateboards and motorcycles cuz we've assembled a murderer's row of artists to draw the 1990s' One True Robin™ in his various looks from over the years!