Titans Star Teases Origin Story of Season 4 Big Bad Brother Blood

One Titans star is teasing the origin of Brother Blood in Season 4. The Big Bad is going to be a point of conversation around the fanbase for a while. DC's show has made a point of including multiple iconic villains for the team in each season. This fourth collection of episodes is no different in that regard. Joseph Morgan, formerly of The Vampire Diaries, is on his way to threaten this refreshed Titans lineup. He posted on his Instagram Stories that the process of filming the show has been a blast so far. In the post, the actor also mentioned the origin story for Sebastian Sangue. It's an exciting proposition for longtime Teen Titans fans. When it comes to the villains that become a recurring threat for these young adults, he's certainly up there. (It will also probably be quite a bit different from Kevin Alejandro's version of Blood from Arrow's second season.)

"So I have started shooting, we're currently shooting episodes 1 and 2 simultaneously. What's been hugely enjoyable for me – in fact, this is the reason I wanted to do this part in the first place – is that as you know, I'm playing a character called Brother Blood," he revealed. "But that's not where he starts off, he starts his journey as Sebastian Sangue and it's really an origin story of a villain that we're playing out here. What's been incredibly rewarding for me – and will continue to be, I think – is exploring how he gets from being Sebastian to becoming Brother Blood."

There are also rumors of another massive villain turning up in Season 4. But, Blood will probably be enough of a challenge for these young heroes.  Morgan tweeted about being able to enter this ensemble when the news of his casting first broke.  He tweeted, "Titans I'm honoured to be stepping into the DC Universe and playing such a layered, complex, ruthless and vulnerable role. This is gonna be exhilarating. #BrotherBlood #Titans Photo credit: @stormshoots"

Titans fans have been very successful at rolling with the punches when it comes to this show's many forms. Series regular Brenton Thwaites acknowledged how great the fandom has been in some comments before Season 4. At some point, the viewers are going to get that Nightstar content they've all been asking for. 

"I just asked that they were very confident that would happen," Thwaites revealed. "Because I feel like doing that and not following through... you can't do that too many times otherwise the fans will lose their minds. As will we. So I think it's just, yeah, a hint of what's to come."

Here's HBO Max's description of Titans. "Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong. In season three, circumstances draw our heroes to Gotham City, where they reunite with old friends and face new threats."

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