Wonder Woman 1984 Returning to HBO Max in May

WarnerMedia has released the official list of all content arriving on HBO Max in May and with it came the reveal that Wonder Woman 1984 will be returning to the streaming service. The 2020 sequel was delayed many times last year before debuting online for easy viewing on Christmas morning, but it was only available for exactly a month and departed just as quickly (like all of their other recent HBO Max debuts). Now however the sequel will be available to stream once again, releasing on Thursday, May 13. The first of May will see several other movies arrive like the Rush Hour trilogy and Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

Despite some early praise from the film thanks to preview screenings, the 2020 sequel was considered a let down by many and only holds a 59% score on Rotten Tomatoes (a drop from the 2017 Wonder Woman's 93%, "Certified Fresh" rating). Despite that the movie arriving on HBO Max at the end of 2020 was a major boon for the streamer and resulted in many new subscriptions to close out the year. For some time it was considered one of the major subscriber drivers for HBO Max, at least until Godzilla vs Kong came along last month and was reportedly viewed even more than the DC film.

"The fact that it was moved so many times, put it under scrutiny that it did not deserve," star Connie Nielsen previously shared with Den of Geek about why the sequel wasn't as well received. "It also, as a sophomore film, will always be compared to the one before... A lot of people were so willing to just critique certain elements instead of seeing it as a whole. And I think that as a whole, everything that happens in this film makes a lot of sense. It makes a lot of sense, and I think it's a beautiful film."


Even though the movie failed to meet the expectations of some fans, Warner Bros. was quick to announce that Jenkins and series star Gal Gadot will return once again for a third film. No further announcements about the project have been made in the time since, but ahead of that reveal by the studio it was confirmed that Jenkins would go to a galaxy far, far away and direct the upcoming Rogue Squadron movie for Lucasfilm. That project already has a release date set for 2023, probably meaning that a third Wonder Woman may not happen until afterward.