Wonder Woman 3: Chris Pine Speaks Out on Possible Steve Trevor Return

Wonder Woman has become one of the key corners of the live-action DC universe, with Gal Gadot's interpretation of the character spawning two solo films and appearances in other ensemble contexts. In the near future, that is poised to include Wonder Woman 3, which will bring Gadot and director Patty Jenkins together again to complete their cinematic trilogy. One key player in the solo films has been Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), Diana Prince's love interest who appeared (and died) in Wonder Woman, and was resurrected through magical means in Wonder Woman 1984. With a lot of details around Wonder Woman 3 still a mystery, some have wondered if Steve could return once again. In a new interview with USA Today, Pine addressed the possibility, and seemingly shut it down for the time being.

"I think poor Steve is dead, but I wish them all the best on the third one," Pine explained.

Pine also spoke about his collaborative relationship with Jenkins, which spanned both Wonder Woman films and the miniseries I Am The Night. 

"What I learned from Patty is that she just has such confidence in letting her opinions be known and a collaborative spirit, in terms of getting what she wants done," Pine revealed. "You are working with a bunch of people who are great at their respective crafts, so you have to give them the space to do what they can."

It will be interesting to see if Steve does factor into Wonder Woman 3 in some capacity, especially given the existing lore of DC Comics. While the original Steve Trevor died during the Silver Age of comics, versions of the character were still in Diana's life, either thanks to the meddling of gods (in the case of Steve Howard, who was Eros operating in Steve's dead body) or the multiverse (the Steve Trevor of Earth-270, who appeared in the Wonder Woman comics of the early 1980s). All three were eventually merged into the same character, and the sliding scale timeline within the DC universe has found other ways for Steve to return, particularly with the modernized version of the character in the New 52 timeline.

Wonder Woman 3 is poised to take place in the present day, with Gadot and Lynda Carter's Asteria confirmed to be making appearances. Gadot previously indicated that production on the film could start sometime in 2023.

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