Jordan Chiles Performs 'Wonder Woman'-Themed Routine at U.S. Gymnastics Championships

Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman has become a beacon of hope for fans in recent years, and it [...]

Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman has become a beacon of hope for fans in recent years, and it looks like that inspiration has even made its way into the world of sports.

During the recent 2018 US Gymnastics Championships in Boston, gymnast Jordan Chiles incorporated several Wonder Woman-related elements into her performance. Most notably, Chiles sported a Wonder Woman-themed leotard during the event, which you can check out in the photo below.

Chiles also infused elements from the beloved DC Extended Universe film into her routines themselves, including performing her floor exercise to the Wonder Woman theme, and evoking Diana Prince's crossed-arms pose during her balance beam routine.

While Chiles ultimately placed 11th overall in the event, her love for Wonder Woman has since gone viral, and will surely make her first place in the hearts of DC fans.

Fans will get to see Gadot's portrayal of the DC heroine next in Wonder Woman 1984, a sequel that will place her on a new adventure in the Cold War.

"I never want to do more of everything for the wrong reason, and i was very thoughtful of that when working on the second one," director Patty Jenkins said of the sequel at last month's San Diego Comic-Con. "I don't even want to go that place in my head, like how do you keep it going etc, etc. It's not more of anything though it is evocative of what made it great the first time."

Either way, it sounds like WW84 will give fans even more of the inspiring, powerful hero that fans saw in the first film.

"The thing that I love most about Wonder Woman is that I feel she is us more than other superheroes," Jenkins revealed. "People find themselves in Wonder Woman and the Wonder Woman in us. She made each of us believe in the Wonder Woman in us."

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Upcoming DC Extended Universe films include Aquaman on Friday, Dec. 21, Shazam on April 5, 2019, and Wonder Woman 2 on Nov. 1, 2019.