Spider-Man 2: The Video Game Gets Its Own Honest Trailer

In typical clockwork fashion, the team at Smosh Games have pumped out yet another must-see Honest Trailer – and this time, it’s taking things back to the old-school with the original Spider-Man 2: The Video Game!

The title, which originally released in 2004 for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube, is revered as one of the best Spidey games ever made, mainly because of its large open-world structure. And the team behind Honest Trailers are quick to point that out, amongst other things that you can do in the classic game.

The game “went down in history as a classic by doing just two simple things: mostly ignoring the movie, and giving even a tiny shit about the gameplay.” (This is in reference to other terrible movie-licensed games that came out around the same time, including Charlie’s Angels and Fight Club.)

It talks about the gameplay where you can swing around the city, deal with evil villains, “have the exact same evil pop up again 47 times, and still act surprised when Spider-Man shows up.”

The abilities are also discussed, including “super disgusting wrist glands that produce an alarming amount of goo.” (This is in reference to the natural webbing ability that Peter had in the initial film trilogy, compared to the web-shooters that he uses in Spider-Man: Homecoming – which make a lot more sense.)

There’s also bits and pieces of the villains that are included in the game, including “melted candle Alfred Molina” and “dresses like a rhinocerous guy”. But the true nemesis? “A balloon you can never seem to reach.” (And we have been down this road, believe us.)

The trailer also makes mention of the forthcoming Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games, with the narrator hoping that it isn’t loaded with quick-time events, as we’ve seen from previous trailers for the game. “Don’t you dare f**k this up, Insomniac!”

If you haven’t played the game yet, it should be pretty cheap to track down a copy in a used game store. It’ll certainly get you warmed up for the forthcoming PS4 adventure set to arrive next year.

Check out the Honest Game Trailer above!