Square Enix Targeting PS5, Xbox 2 for Next Big Project

final fantasy

With Final Fantasy XV will into its milking phase, Square Enix is already thinking about what's ahead. No doubt we'll get one of the most technically advanced and gorgeous-looking RPGs ever when Final Fantasy XV finally releases on PC, but Square Enix is already thinking beyond that. In fact, Final Fantasy XV on PC is only reaching up to about the half-way point of what Square Enix hopes to achieve on next-gen consoles. This, according to a recent interview from DualShockers.

Curiously, we don't have the fully transcribed interview to pull from, but DualShockers have summarized the main points here. We've carved out the most interesting bits for your consideration in the excerpt below:

"Tabata-san explained that for its future projects, the team is not looking at the current generation of consoles, but at the next. While the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV represents the current level of technological achievement for the studio, their sights are 'set to the future where they can go even higher.'"

Alright, alright, here come the jokes about Final Fantasy XV's ten-year development schedule. All jokes aside, it's late enough in the PS4 and Xbox One's respective lifecycles that we think looking ahead to next-gen hardware is the right thing to do. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X may still be new, relatively speaking, but they're not true next-gen consoles.

The Xbox One X is still very much attached at the hip to the Xbox One, and Sony and Microsoft's consoles all present developers with CPU and RAM limitations bordering on the unacceptable. We've gotten some great mileage our of our Xbox Ones and PS4s, and we're still seeing great-looking games launch for both, but their limitations are starting to show. Final Fantasy XV is the perfect case study, in fact, failing to run at consistent framerates on any home console.

We're ready for the next step, Sony and Microsoft, and Square Enix is ready.