Super Mario Odyssey Gets A Massive Overview Trailer

Ever want to see just how big the world of Super Mario Odyssey is? You’re about to get a very good idea.

Nintendo has released a new trailer that showcases just what all you can do in the Super Mario sequel for Nintendo Switch, and there’s a whole bunch. In fact, the trailer is just over five minutes long, so you’ll get quite the overview of what awaits you in this immense world, whether it’s rummaging through downtown New Donk City, or getting lost in the immense water city.

First off, you get a gist of the story. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach yet again, and this time vows to marry her. With the help of Cappy, he’s whisked away, but soon after, this hat compatriot joins up with Mario, and vows to help make things right.

From here, you’re able to see what Cappy is capable of, whether serving as a launch platform to get to new areas, or defeating enemies with a hat spin. You can also throw your hat onto enemies and take control of them and their abilities for a while, including throwing stuff with turtles and even taking control of a Bullet Bill!

You’ll also get a glimpse of the worlds you’ll get to explore, with the help of the Odyssey ship. It runs on the power of Moons, so the more you can find, the more the world opens up to you!

There are also various Crazy Cap stores available where you can purchase new goods, including outfits, hats and more – really opening up Mario’s looks in this department. Some also have abilities that will lend you a hand as well, so shop around. You can also take custom pictures from the world, and send them out however you wish – complete with filters!

Mini-games are up next, and there are various activities to partake in Super Mario Odyssey, including foot races, jump rope, mini car races and more. They’re supported by global leaderboards, so it never hurts to get competitive.

And newcomers won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed, as Assist Mode is available to point out where they can go next. It can be a little bit like cheating, but helpful if you’re new to the game and want to get the hang of it.

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There’s a lot here, so be sure to check out the trailer above and prepare for the Odyssey when it arrives on October 27th for Nintendo Switch! Currently, Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order.