Marvel Universe Easter Egg Spotted In Spider-Man For Playstation Could Have Major Implications

Based upon what we’ve seen from the trailers thus far (like the one you can see above), Insomniac GamesSpider-Man is set to focus on both the web-slinging hero and the vulnerable Peter Parker, as they attempt to shut down a dangerous plot involving Mister Negative and other potential villains.

We already know the game will feature a few star players, like Kingpin and the Shocker. But what about potential heroes? Insomniac Games hasn’t said anything, but we’ve suddenly seen a new hint indicating that some fellow Marvel super heroes might pop up in the game.

A screenshot was spotted on Reddit, which we also included below. It’s taken from the most recent trailer for the game, but it’s a very familiar sight to fans of Doctor Strange – the Sanctum Sanctorum!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the structure, it’s a fictional building that appears in comic books and serves as the residence of Doctor Strange. Check out the screen below.


The building is easily recognizable, circled in red – and it makes us wonder what other familiar buildings – and characters – we’ll see in the game.

Insomniac Games hasn’t responded to our inquiry, so, for now, we can only estimate that it’s part of the background you’ll be able to explore throughout the city. But some Reddit readers are already hopeful they’ll be able to find other Marvel-licensed buildings within the game, like the Avengers Tower, the Avengers’ Mansion, the Baxter Building and maybe even the X-Mansion. (Of course, it depends just how much licensing Insomniac has within the game.)

Marvel is serving as a partner with Insomniac on the project, so it wouldn’t surprise us if it was loaded with secrets stemming from the comic book universe, or even the cinematic universe. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon, as well as some potential surprises when we get our hands on the final game sometime next year. In the meantime, dare to dream – it’d be great to see Spidey get some spectral back-up in time to take on Mister Negative and his gang.

Spider-Man will release in 2018 for PlayStation 4.