Cleveland Indians Play Fortnite on The Jumbotron During Rain Delay

Last night's MLB game between the Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays was interrupted and delayed by the bane of baseball: rain.

While proceedings were paused and tarps were scattered across Progressive Field, the staff did what anyone would do on a rainy day with nothing to do: broke out some Fortnite.

That's right, during the rain delay the Cleveland Indians staff put some Fortnite up on its jumbotron screen. Because, that's what one naturally does in that situation.

It's unclear if the staff was actually playing themselves, or just put on one of the many streams of the game. The latter is likely the case, though the former would be more praiseworthy.

It's unclear if any victory royales were achieved during the jumbotron stint. Probably not. Hopefully there was at least some trolling emote work though.

Indians fans appreciated the move:

I personally haven't been a baseball fan since Vladimir Guerrero was smacking balls out of the park, but I do love me some Fortnite. And now I want a jumbotron in my house to play squads on. I wonder how many V-Bucks that cost? Probably cheaper than the premium skins.


Fortnite is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS. It is also in development for Android, but when it will the mobile platform, hasn't been divulged. Given how fast Epic Games is when it comes to Fortnite support, Android compatibility should arrive sooner rather than later though.

In other related news, popular TV network Adult Swim recently trolled Epic Games and Fortnite with a new TV ad. Apparently, unlike the Cleveland Indians, they aren't fans of the battle-royale shooter. Meanwhile, there's a new type of Fortnite sensation gripping the Internet, dubbed "Strip Fortnite." You probably shouldn't click on that link.