Fortnite Adding New Weapon Tomorrow

Fortnite is getting a new Burst Assault Rifle with the upcoming patch that releases tomorrow, a weapon that comes in both Epic and Legendary rarities.

The news of the new Burst Assault Rifle hasn’t been publicized through Fortnite’s various social media accounts, but those who have been playing Fortnite recently spotted the new weapon included in the “New Updates” section when you log in. Fortnite INTEL reported on the new weapon and shared the image below that shows Epic Games’ brief description of the new addition.

Fortnite Burst Assault
(Photo: Fortnite INTEL)

Burst Assault Rifle (Coming Soon)

“Burst through the competition with a new Epic and Legendary rarity assault rifle,” the update said.

This might look familiar to the burst variant of the game’s normal Assault Rifle, but the appearance of the new gun should be enough to show that it’s a different weapon entirely. A release date for the new weapon wasn’t confirmed in the update, but it’s expected that the Epic and Legendary variants of the gun will be available once the new update drops tomorrow.


The addition of the new items to the game’s “New Updates” section follows the appearance of new Burst Assault Rifles on Fortnite Tracker earlier today. Two weapons were shared on the site with the purple and orange colors that correspond to Epic Games’ description about Epic and Legendary weapons. Some players were quick to point out that the “bullpup” term wasn’t accurate when describing the guns, and though the guns look slightly different from the one showed in-game, Fortnite Tracker appears to have the right idea regarding the upcoming appearance of the new guns.

Aside from the news of the new Burst Assault Rifle, the “New Updates” section also reminds players of the end of the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup. The game mode that’s been running for a while now is coming to an end soon with Epic Games announcing earlier that today would be the last time to capture the Gauntlet and become Thanos. Players will hopefully have taken notice of that announcement by now and gotten in as much time as or against Thanos as they can since the game mode will be removed tomorrow, likely as soon as the game goes down for scheduled maintenance to apply the next patch.