League of Legends Is Getting a New Stats Feature

League of Legends players will soon be able to track their performance on different champions in the client with a new stats tab that shows different metrics across different ranks, players, and champions.

The feature was revealed just yesterday before being added to the League of Legends PBE as the test servers moved into their next content cycle. Riot Games shared news of the stats feature in a post on the PBE boards that explained how it’ll work and what it’ll track.

“Compare your performance this season by champion or position to other players of equal, higher, or lower skill levels,” Riot Games’ PBE boards post explained. “Designed as performance indicators, Stats lets you dive into your strengths and weaknesses relative to other players. Just head over to the profile tab in the client to get started.”

Once you get to the Stats tab, you can filter through your games by the queue that they were played in or the specific matches that you played. As soon as you’ve had at least five different games on a champ, queue type, and role, you can see the more detailed data for each category. Stats are then broken down into three main categories that are seen below, the categories being Team Play, Income, and Combat.

League of Legends Stats
(Photo: Riot Games)

Each champion that you have stats for will be shown in a champion screen that looks similar to the menu where you can browse through the champs you own. It’ll also keep track of overall stats like your KDA ratio, how many games you’ve played, and how much time you’ve spent playing League, though that last number might be one that players would prefer not to know.


Players will also be able to compare their stats to others and see how they stack up against them. Whether you want to see how your Rengar jungle game compares to the experts who are most familiar with the champions and roles or pick a specific friend to look at and finally settle the debate of who’s the better Kai’Sa player, you can do all of that through the “compare stats” feature included in the new tab.

The stat-tracking feature is now enabled on the PBE for those who have an account to test out before it goes live for all players. Riot Games added on the PBE boards that the team is looking into ways to implement lane detection so that the stats for champions and roles can be as accurate as possible.