These Final Fantasy XV Mods Will Make You Wish for a New Power Rangers Game

There’s a series of mods available for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV that turn the core cast into Power Rangers and might make you wish for an open-world, Ranger-filled game.

Sunhi Legend brought attention to the mod on Twitter by sharing a tweet that showed a quick clip of Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto all running around clad in their Power Rangers gear. Adopting the look from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, the characters take the roles of the Green Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger, respectively. Sunhi Legend also shared the video to YouTube as well with that full-size clip seen above that adds the iconic Power Rangers music to the scenes as well to give the mods the full effect.

This isn’t actually one mod on its own that converts the characters to their Power Ranger counterparts, but rather it’s a series of different character and weapon mods that make the magic happen. Along with the different Rangers that the game’s core characters can become, there are also mods for the Blue Ranger’s Power Lance, a Power Sword, Power Lance Daggers, a Power Axe (in it’s Cosmic Cannon mode), and the Legacy Dragon Dagger that the Green Ranger used. All of these mods were made by the modder Jazneo and can all be found through the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Collection files on Steam.


Though the Power Rangers certainly look out of place in the Final Fantasy world of Eos, it’s hard to see such a series of mods and not imagine what a full-fledged Power Rangers game would look like if it was made this way. With a group of four or more roaming an open world, fighting crime and completing missions, an expansive Power Rangers game doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea.

Even if you played Final Fantasy XV on consoles prior to the eventual PC release, there’s still more to look forward to in the game besides the endless possibility of the mods. For those who don’t want to mod their game at all and just want the extra bells and whistles that Square Enix intended, the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV comes with a first-person mode, new fishing spots and recipes via the Royal Cruiser, more achievements, and all of the content that was included in the season pass. It’s also half-off right now on Steam with the game just $25 for a limited time, so now’s the perfect time to start modding and play through it again.