Sport White Special Edition Xbox Controller Revealed

xbox sport white controller
(Photo: Microsoft)

This morning, Xbox revealed a brand new special edition controller: the "Sport White Special Edition" Xbox One controller will start showing up in stores in the United States and Canada on July 31, and will start shipping worldwide on August 7.

From Major Nelson's reveal post: "Inspired by trends in athletics and sports lifestyle, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport White Special Edition is the first controller in the new Sport series. It features an energetic color palette with a fresh white base color (the same white offered through Xbox Design Lab), mint accents, and grey and silver patterns.

"The grey rubberized diamond grip on the back of the controller is designed for comfort and will help you stay on target throughout your gaming session. In select markets, this controller comes with 14-day trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Check with your local Microsoft Store for details."

In the post this morning, Major Nelson also teased us with a pretty nifty charging stand. This one is a mouthful, so get ready. Say hello to the "Sport White Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand:"

xbox sport white controller cradle
(Photo: Microsoft)

This beauty "is a premium charger offering a sleek design and a seamless charging experience. Built with the same high-quality material as the Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport White Special Edition, it’s always an exact match and perfect fit. Each Xbox Pro Charging Stand comes with a premium charging stand, battery cover, rechargeable battery, and 6-foot power cord. The Controller Gear Sport White Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand will be available in North America starting August 7 for $49.99 at your local Microsoft Store and select online retailers."


Of course, everything you know and love about all modern Xbox One controllers is here for you. You'll get your 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth capability, and custom mapping capabilities via the Xbox Accessories app.

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What can we say, we love it. It's super hot outside, and the combination of white and mint is really appealing right now. We already have too many Xbox One controllers around our homes and the office, but what's one more?