Funko Announces Target Exclusive Pikachu Pop! Figure

Funko has officially announced a new Pikachu POP! figure just a few hours after images of the new Pokemon figure leaked online. reported earlier today that Funko was planning to release a new Pikachu POP! figure, the company's first ever Pokemonfigure. Funko confirmed the figure's existence in a blogpost today and added that the figure would be exclusive to Target retail stores in the United States.

The figure is a big deal for both Funko and the Pokemon franchise. Funko fans have wanted Pokemon POP! figures for years, and this gives Funko the ability to produce dozens of figures based off of the many characters (both Pokemon and human) in the Pokemon franchise. For Pokemon, this serves as another way to get more casual fans interested in the game shortly before the release of their Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee games.

As of right now, Funko has not announced plans for additional POP! figures based on the Pokemon franchise. We also don't know whether Funko's new licensing agreement is limited to just Pokemon characters, or if they somehow got a license for other Nintendo characters. The Pokemon Company typically handles licensing separately from Nintendo (as The Pokemon Company is technically a third-party company) but it wouldn't be surprising to see Funko follow up with more Nintendo branded merchandise.


Funko stock has risen almost 10% as of press time and is closing in on an all-time high. Since it's Comic-Con season, Funko has made a ton of announcements recently, but obtaining the license to make Pokemon POP! figures could really help with sales.

The figures will cost $8.99 and should be available in most Target stores later in July. At least one Target store already had figures on sale as of last night...albeit accidentally.