'Marvel's Spider-Man' Launch Trailer Remixed With 90s Cartoon Theme Song

We're mere weeks away from the launch of Marvel's Spider-Man. Our favorite web-head will be swinging onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on September 7, and we're having some serious issues dealing with the hype! Different people channel their hype in different ways, some more productive than others. One YouTuber has taken the Spider-Man gameplay launch trailer and completely remixed it with the theme song to the classic 90's Spider-Man cartoon, and you know what? It's freaking perfect. Check it out above!

First of all, we forgot what a freaking banger this theme song is. Not everything from the 90s sounds as good as we remember it sounding, but the Spider-Man theme song still get us pumped for adventure. All of that modulation; that 90s rock drum kit; those screaming guitar solos. This tune is legendary for a reason, and this game is going to be legendary. No wonder they fit perfectly together.

It's pretty amazing to go back and watch the original opening sequence to the Spider-Man cartoon after watching this launch trailer mash-up. Just for the sake of convenience, here, I'll embed it for you:

Do you remember watching that intro as a kid? Don't you remember being blown away by the computer animated buildings, and thinking that this was some serious state-of-the-art technology and production? At the time it probably was pretty state-of-the-art for a Saturday morning cartoon, and when contrasted with the Marvel's Spider-Man footage on PS4, it shows us more clearly than ever how far technology has come over the past couple of decades.


You're literally just weeks away from playing -- from being fully in control of -- a Spider-Man game that you could not have imagined as a child watching this show. Hearing that song and watching Spider-Man in action, our imaginations wanted so badly to exceed their limits and entertain the kinds of vicarious super-heroic adventures that have only recently become possible.

Alright, we're done waxing poetic, but we're not done with Marvel's Spider-Man coverage! The game will be launching before you know it, and we'll have our review ready for you on September 4. We'll have more coverage for you before then, so stay tuned to ComicBook.com!