Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

Exclusive Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

Anthem: BioWare Discusses How the Game Will Impact Dragon Age, Mass Effect's Future

Though Anthem is a new IP with a very different approach to progression from the team over at BioWare, that doesn't mean it won't feel very much like a staple adventure from the devs. But it's not just relating the new game to that of previous titles, but also how the new "reactive" storytelling element will affect other big franchises from them; namely the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series.

During a panel during PAX West, the developers behind the online title answered fan questions regarding the new IP. Since a huge staple for the brand is gut-wrenching choices for the sake of story, and the team mentioned that though the state of the choices in-game will be different, they will be powerful. So much so, that the new way of interaction will very much be a part of future games.

Producer Michael Gamble opened up more on the interactive hub called Fort Tarsis where the meet of the reactive story will take place. Players will be able to engage with characters in-game, influence the day-to-day bustle while also making critical choices about how to move forward. The team also showed off a small sneak peek at this "reactive storytelling" while confirming that Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect will benefit from this overhaul.

“For Anthem, where we’d all like to see us head, is the ability to tell new great stories throughout the years, throughout the months after launch,” Gamble mentioned. We were at PAX West this year sitting front row and the key mention of Dragon Age more than captured our interest.

He added, “We can say, okay, now we’re going to expand the storyline for one of those Agents, or now that certain points in the game world have happened, this changes the relationship, this changes this character, this changes the type of missions for certain characters. Or even we add new characters, we add new Agents. We can do all that and Anthem gives us the tools to do all that.”

In addition to his PAX statement, he also added on Twitter "I want to clarify this, as the title simplifies it far too much. Anthem has a main story and that story concludes. But it also allows us to continue the storytelling soon after launch, and keep the world alive and changing and fresh. New adventures, characters, and fun."


When speaking with the team at PAX, BioWare mentioned that though it is 'new' for the studio, players will instantly get the familiar feeling that they have with previous games from the team. They also mentioned that they were "shaking in anticipation" to see how the perception about the game will shift at launch when players can see its interactive nature first hand.

As far as Anthem goes, the game officially drops on February 22nd of next year.