"Grandma Shirley" Is Officially Onboard As 'Skyrim' Mod to Make Her a Follower Gains Attention

Shirley Curry, AKA the Gaming Grandma / Skyrim Grandma is the 81-year old gamer that has become a beloved part of the gaming community ever since her YouTube channel made its big debut back in 2015. With hours upon hours of walkthroughs and streaming, she's a staple in the Elder Scrolls franchise - so much so that fans are petitioning to get her into the 6th entry into the series as an NPC. But that's not all! Some are now trying to gather resources to make a mod with her as a fully voiced follower in Skyrim and Shirley herself is onboard!

In the video above, correspondence can be heard between one Redditor and Shirley herself about potentially modding her into her favorite game. Following her seal of approval, user 'Phantom-Scribbler' got to work on how to make this happen. In a popular Reddit thread, the OP stated "I've found a modder who wants to take on the task (and one who wants to help), but they need our help. It's too much of a task for anyone to sort through all those videos for usable sound bytes. I listened to just four of them, and there were dozens of great ones. 'Hahaha! Take 'em down at the knees!'"

So what else needs to be done to make this a reality? A few things actually, including more team members:

"Here's what we need. First, someone out there said they were an audio engineer and would be willing to help, but I lost that message. Can you contact me again so we can co-ordinate?"

He added, "Second, we need to watch those videos and give time-stamped links to all the best lines. I haven't done this before, but I think posting the time-stamped link with a transcription of the quote would be excellent. Just listen to the videos and think about what you would like a Grandma Shirley follower to say."


Things like:

  • Location specific dialogue
  • Expressions of wonder at the beauty of the sky, scenery, etc
  • Expressions of disgust at certain creatures, like the Giant Frostbite Spider in Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Kill quotes
  • Any random things she might say to enhance a situation. For example, when she sees Arvel the Swift, she says, "You have something I want, and I'm gonna get it."
  • Other random dialogue, like in the introduction of the

If you're interested in contributing (or simply to provide upvotes to keep this thread in circulation), you can check out the full thread right here! You can also learn more about the petition to get her into The Elder Scrolls VI as an NPC from our previous coverage.