'The Division 2' Is Getting an Open Beta

Ubisoft has confirmed The Division 2 will get an open beta ahead of the game’s March release date.

Beginning on March 1st, everyone interested in The Division 2 will be able to try out the open beta when it releases on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For anyone who played the private beta, you can expect more of the same with Ubisoft likely having fixed some of the issues that cropped up during that test, but for those who didn’t take part in that beta, Ubisoft shared details on what to expect from the open beta.

“The Open Beta will be a chance to start exploring the post-pandemic streets of Washington, DC, and test your mettle against the violent factions terrorizing the city's civilians,” Ubisoft said in its announcement. “The Division 2 Open Beta ends March 4.”

Ubisoft’s site for the open beta is up now, though there are no additional details on it regarding how or if players have to sign up for the next test.

An open beta to follow a closed beta isn’t exactly uncommon for games, but the reveal of this open beta certainly wasn’t unexpected after an on-stream slip-up led people to believe the open beta announcement was coming. In a clip which has now been watched nearly 200,000 times, a stream from the official Twitch account for The Division series included a moment where an open bat was casually mentioned which led many to believe the beta was coming for all soon.


Ubisoft put out several updates for The Division 2’s private beta during the time that it was available, so issues players faced in that test will hopefully be resolved in the open beta. One of those caused the game to either crash or resulted in a worse performance if the private beta was played for several hours, so Ubisoft advised that players restart the beta to avoid that issue. The issue was resolved in a private beta update, though Ubisoft said sound issues could still be experienced and would also require an application restart to fix them.

The Division 2 is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15th.