Mexican Newspaper Accidentally Lists Hilarious Third Version of New Pokemon Games

A Mexican newspaper recently published an article describing the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield games...along with a fake third version of the game.

The Mexican newspaper La Vox de Michoacan recently published an article about the recently announced Pokemon Sword & Shield games. The new Pokemon games are the first "main series" games to be released for the Nintendo Switch and are set in the brand new Galar region. As part of the article, the newspaper published pictures of the Starter Pokemon Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble along with logos of Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, and a third Pokemon game that definitely wasn't part of the announcement.

As you can see above, the newspaper erroneously lists "Pokemon Gun" as one of the new Pokemon games. It's a little hard to tell exactly where the logo came from, but it's been making its way around Twitter since February 27th, almost always as a joke.

We'll note that guns have never been mentioned in the Pokemon games themselves, likely because it's a franchise geared towards children. Early episodes of the Pokemon anime featured Team Rocket and other characters using weaponry (Here Comes the Squirtle Squad notably featured several people pointing guns at Ash's head) but even those references were mostly phased out over time. Outside of giant mechas and the occasional rocket launcher, modern weaponry rarely appears in the Pokemon anime nowadays.

The erroneous newspaper article is good for a laugh, but parents shouldn't be concerned that their kids' favorite video game franchise is going to start advocating the use of handguns. After all, this is a franchise that advocates capturing wild animals and training them to fight each other - not a violent franchise like other video games!



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