Batman: Arkham Asylum is the Best Licensed Game of All-Time, According to New Poll

(Photo: WB Games)

According to a new Twitter poll -- which is the most scientific way of polling -- Batman: Arkham Asylum from Rocksteady Studios is the best licensed game of all-time, or, at least better than Marvel's Spider-Man, Goldeneye 007, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which are certainly heavy hitters in the licensed games realm, but not the only ones.

The poll was conducted last week and consisted of 22,000 votes. So, as you can see, it's not definitive, but it's a good sampling. Of the 22,000 votes, Batman: Arkham Asylum won 39 percent of the vote, Marvel's Spider-Man earned 33 percent, Goldeneye 007 came in at 15 percent, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic won 13 percent.

For those that don't know: Batman: Arkham Asylum released in 2009 via last-gen consoles and PC. Written by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini, the game's storyline features Joker trying to seize control of Arkham Asylum and trap Batman inside it with many of his foes in there with him. Joker is successful, and so Batman has to fight his way through the asylum's inmates to get to Joker, who is threatening to bomb Gotham City.

The game was a massive success, winning many awards and selling very well. It's widely considered not only the best comic book game of all-time, but one of the best games of last-generation, period. Further, it launched the Batman: Arkham series. Meanwhile, in 2016, a remaster of the game was released so that everyone could enjoy the classic on modern consoles.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or, alternatively, let me know over on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_. What's the best licensed game of all-time, and why is it Cory in the House on 3DS?



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