Dead by Daylight Is Free to Play for the Weekend

Off and on Dead by Daylight players or those who have never tried out Behaviour Interactive’s 1v4 horror game can give it a go for free this weekend during a free-to-play offer that takes place just before the game’s big anniversary event. It’s only free on the PC platform, but those who prefer to play there can do so until May 28th as part of the Spring Cleaning event that Steam itself has going on right now. The game itself is also on sale during the event, so if you like what you see, you can get the full game and some of its DLC at a discount.

Steam’s Spring Cleaning event tasks players with completing certain tasks so that they can earn badges and trophies, but even if you’re into that, you can still take advantage of the free-to-play games. Dead by Daylight is joined by Endless Space 2, Grim Dawn, Don’t Starve Together, Black Desert Online Remastered, Asset to Corsa, and Left 4 Dead 2 as this weekend’s free-to-play games which are live as of Friday and will be playable until May 28th at 10 a.m. PT.

Dead By Daylight’s free weekend comes at quite the appropriate time since its anniversary event is coming up next week to celebrate the game and lay out plans for future content. The trailer above previews the anniversary livestream that’ll take place on May 31st at 12 p.m. PT and will give insights into the game’s development and goals for upcoming content such as Ghostface, a Killer who was revealed ahead of schedule and was confirmed to be the real deal.

Speaking about its anniversary stream, Behaviour Interactive said it would show players how the developer plans on bringing players “new fantasies” through reworks and new content and how it’ll continue to “solidify the game’s health for the long term.” The stream will be split up into four different panels with different content shown during each segment.


“Our objective is to give you an overview of what’s coming for Year 4 and celebrate Dead by Daylight’s legacy,” Behaviour said about the stream. “The 3rd Anniversary Livestream will be composed of 4 panels. For each panel, we will give you our vision and show you some in-game work in progress videos or image mock-ups of what’s coming.”

You can catch the stream on May 31st, but be sure to take advantage of Dead by Daylight’s free weekend before that.