New GameStop Leak Points To Splinter Cell E3 Reveal

A new leak out of GameStop seems to suggest that Ubisoft will reveal a new Splinter Cell during E3 2019. Spotted by Wario64, yesterday GameStop had Splinter Cell Sam Fischer goggles up for pre-order as part of its E3 collectibles. And then adding fuel to the fire, today, it suddenly delisted the item, almost as if it spilled the beans and was contacted by Ubisoft.

Interestingly, the listing says the item will be made available on November 1 of this year, which is a Friday, the most common day for big games to release alongside Tuesday. In other words, the date checks out, and the date seems to suggest that's when a new Splinter Cell will hit.

Now, it's worth pointing out that the image that accompanies the listing is from Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which is to say, it's not new. It's possible it's merely a placeholder of sorts, but it's odd GameStop has that image for the product.

It's also worth pointing out that sometimes people make mistakes, including people who work for GameStop. Maybe the listing was an accident or wasn't supposed to be listed as an E3 collectible.


All of this is to say, take this with a grain of salt. There's been rumblings, reports, rumors, leaks, and even some possible teases that a new Splinter Cell is in the works. But at the moment, Ubisoft hasn't confirmed anything. And in fact, the latest rumor involving the game actually claims that after multiple canned projects, Ubisoft is currently not making a new entry in the stealth series.

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