Pokemon Go Announces Big Global Challenge for the Summer

Pokemon Go has announced its Global Challenge event for this summer, which will focus on completing Research Tasks to unlock some major rewards and new Shiny Pokemon. Since 2017, Pokemon Go has held a series of Global Challenges that correspond with different live events like Pokemon Go Fest. These events give players the opportunity to contribute to some sort of shared goal, usually by either catching certain types of Pokemon or completing Field Research tasks. This year, Pokemon Go is holding three different Research Challenges, each of which offer some big rewards to players, including the chance to capture some Shiny Legendary Pokemon.

The first Research Challenge will take place this weekend from June 13 to June 16 and will tie into Pokemon Go Fest Chicago. Each in-game team will be tasked with completing 15 million research tasks over the weekend, with Pokemon Go Fest attendees tasked with completing 1 million research tasks. Completing this weekend's Global Challenges will lead to players earning 2x Catch Candy, a guaranteed 1 Rare Candy per raid, 1/2 Hatch Distance, and 2x Hatch Candy bonuses from June 18 to June 25. If all the challenges are completed, Pokemon Go will also hold a Raikou Raid Day event in which players can battle Raikou and possibly encounter a Shiny Raikou.


Similar Global Challenges will also be held in July and August that correspond with Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund and Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama. If these Global Challenges are successful, players can unlock bonuses like 3x Catch XP and 3x Catch Stardust along with Entei and Suicune Raid Days that offer the chance to encounter Shiny variants of those Pokemon.

These Global Challenges are a fun opportunity for players to "participate" in the live Pokemon Go Fest events, even if they can't attend. By completing Field Research tasks over the weekend, they can unlock some big bonuses for next week. We'll provide more news about Pokemon Go Fest as we learn about it.