Pokemon Go Adds More Code for Possible Team Rocket Event

Team Rocket is coming to Pokemon Go, and it could be happening sooner than players think. Earlier this month, ComicBook.com reported that Pokemon Go was teasing some sort of event related to Team Rocket. The clues came from Pokemon Go Fest, where Team Rocket members would "photobomb" players at the end of the day, and from snips of code in a recent update related to "purifying Pokemon." A new update rolled out this week provided a few more clues about this possible Team Rocket event, along with what Team Rocket may be doing when they invade the game.

According to code snippets found in the latest update, it appears that Team Rocket will be "invading" various PokeStops. While we don't know how an invasion mechanic would work, the update has code related to Team Rocket Grunts that use different types of Pokemon, ranging from Normal-type Pokemon to Dark-type Pokemon. In addition, the update confirmed that there will be several different species of Shadow and Purified Pokemon, ranging from Bulbasaur to Dragonite. Interestingly, the only non-Gen 1 Shadow Pokemon are Crobat and the Mudkip family, which could mean that the Team Rocket event could play a role in next month's Community Day event.


The new update also contained code for three new moves - Frustration, Return, and Synchronize. Return and Frustration are moves in the main series Pokemon games that are dependent on a Pokemon's friendship level, while Synchronize only hurts Pokemon that is of the same type as its attacker.

There's still a lot we don't know about this possible Team Rocket event. Based on the code found in the most recent update, it appears that this will involve PvP of some kind, but we don't know how the "invasion" mechanic will work or how Shadow Pokemon will differ from normal Pokemon. However, this looks to be a big change coming soon to Pokemon Go and we'll have more updates as we get them!