New Funko Mobile Game Announced

Funko Pops are the sort of thing where, if you're into them, it's rarely just a little bit. If you're into Funko Pops, you are really into Funko Pops. Which is why it makes sense that the company would be branching out in multiple different directions, including several Funko-based video games. This morning, Universal Games and Digital Platforms announced the latest edition to this menagerie: Funko Pop! Blitz, a new match-3 puzzle video game for mobile.

The game, which will feature characters from the likes of Back to the Future, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, and more in Funko Pop form, will be featured at the upcoming Funko Funkast panel at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con on July 18th. The press release teases new character reveals, which could also potentially mean entirely new franchises not already announced.

The video game's mechanics will look relatively familiar to anyone that's played a match-3 mobile game before: match three characters to earn points, complete quests, and generally watch little familiar faces (as Funko Pops) be cute during 60-second rounds. It will also include a Blitz Mode, where a meter fills as players match which will temporarily disappear five characters from the board to allow for simpler matching.


"Funko stands for everything pop culture and seemed to be the perfect way to bring together all of our iconic entertainment franchises, as well as others fans love, into one game," said Chris Heatherly, Universal Brand Development's EVP of Games and Digital Platforms, in the video game's press release. "The Pop! style is iconic and unique, and we know that funatics love to collect everything Funko, which sets this up to be the ultimate character-collecting game. We’re thrilled to extend our collaboration, which started in toys, to the worlds of digital and gaming."

Funko Pop! Blitz, developed by Tic Toc Games, is scheduled to release soon for iOS and Android. It will be a free-to-play video game with in-app purchases.