First Look at Pokemon Go's Shadow Pokemon Revealed

A datamine has given Pokemon Go fans a first look at the mysterious Shadow Pokemon that will appear as part of an upcoming Team Rocket event. previously reported that Pokemon Go will be adding Team Rocket to the game as the antagonists of an upcoming event. The event will also feature Shadow Pokemon, Pokemon that were somehow by Team Rocket. Earlier today, the Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales hosted a stream that provided players with a look at these Shadow Pokemon, which have dark red eyes and a purple energy surrounding their bodies. You can check out the Shadow Pokemon below:

psyduck shadow
(Photo: Pokemon Go/Chrales)

While some of the mechanics involving Shadow Pokemon are unknown, we do know that they are harder to level up. Purifying a Shadow Pokemon will cause them to get a big stat boost and will cause them to learn a new charged move - Return. Purified Pokemon will also get some permanent advantages and a special animation effect, along with a new icon on the Pokemon page.


Pokemon Go has been teasing its Team Rocket event for a while now, mostly at its Pokemon Go Fest live events. Most recently, a Team Rocket balloon appeared over the Pokemon Go Fest at Dortmund, which has since been referenced several times by Pokemon Go on social media. The Pokemon Go and Pokemon Twitter accounts recently mentioned Team Rocket in a back and forth conversation, teasing that the event could be announced in the very near future.

With Team Rocket looming on the horizon, players should expect to see a lot of Shadow Pokemon in the near future. We'll provide additional updates about this upcoming Pokemon Go event as details are released.

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