Pokemon Rumble Rush Now Available for Apple Devices

A new Pokemon mobile game is now available for iOS devices. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company released Pokemon Rumble Rush on the Apple App Store, giving Apple users a chance to play the brand new Pokemon mobile game. Pokemon Rumble Rush is a relatively simple game in which players control "toy Pokemon" as they run through various stage levels. Players can attack other toy Pokemon by tapping on the screen, with defeated Pokemon occasionally joining your team. Players gradually progress through the game by collecting stronger Pokemon and defeating Super Bosses, which then unlock new Pokemon to collect. Players can also power up their Pokemon by equipping them with gears, which either boost a Pokemon's stats or summons friendly Pokemon to assist during a battle.

Pokemon Rumble Rush is a continuation of the Pokemon Rumble series, which launched back in 2009 as a Wii Ware game. Unlike other Pokemon Rumble games, Pokemon Rumble Rush has periodic events in which different islands filled with new Pokemon appear every few weeks.


Technically, Pokemon Rumble Rush has been out for several months, but only for Android devices. The Pokemon Company released the game on the Google Play Store back in May, and Android players have already experienced several events focused on different islands. If players have a Nintendo account, they can transfer their progress between their iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Rumble Rush is just one of several recently released Pokemon mobile games. In addition to Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Company has either released or licensed games like Pokemon Quest, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Duel, and Magikarp Jump in recent years. The Pokemon Company is also about to release Pokemon Masters, a new mobile game in which players collect Sync Pairs (which consist of one trainer and one Pokemon) and features famous trainers from various Pokemon games.