Pokemon Go Announces Ralts Community Day for August

Pokemon Go players will have the opportunity to catch lots of Ralts in August. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go announced that Ralts would be the focus of the game's next Community Day, which will take place in early August. Community Day is a special three hour event in which a specific Pokemon species appears in greater numbers. Ralts is a popular Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon that has a branching evolution - it can either evolve into Gardevoir or Gallade. Pokemon Go also confirmed that both Gardevoir and Gallade will learn a special move if evolved during the event.


August's Community Day could be a big one for Pokemon Go fans, depending on what moves Gardevoir gets. Right now, Gardevoir is one of the top Fairy-type Pokemon in the game in terms of raw power, and the addition of Charm last month finally gave it an effective Fast Type that increased its effectiveness as a Fairy-type attacker. A strong Community Day move would increase its effectiveness and solidify Gardevoir's spot as the premier Fairy-type Pokemon in the game.

While Pokemon Go had its July Community Day a week ago, August's Community will be coming up very soon. The event is scheduled for August 3rd, between 4 PM and 7 PM local time. Other perks during the event include decreased egg distances and extended lures. As with all Community Days, players will also have the chance of finding a Shiny Ralts to add to their collection.