Pokemon Go Unlocks Suicune Raid Day for This Weekend

Pokemon Go players will get a chance to battle and capture Suicune this weekend, thanks to a successful Global Challenge. Pokemon Go held its third and final Pokemon Go Fest of the summer, this time in Yokohama, Japan. As with past Pokemon Go Fest events, the game also launched a Global Challenge for all players, challenging them to complete a total of 16 million Field Research tasks over the four day event. The players met the goal with time to spare, unlocking a bounty of Stardust-related bonuses and a special mini-event this weekend. From 4 PM to 7 PM local time this Saturday, players will have the opportunity to battle the Legendary Pokemon Suicune in every gym as a Raid Boss. What's more - players will have a chance of encountering a Shiny Suicune if they defeat Suicune in Raid Battles.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with variant colorations and are prized by many players due to their rarity. Legendary Shiny Pokemon are generally even more rare as they can only be encountered in Raids or Research Breakthrough encounters, so Saturday marks a good chance to add a Shiny Suicune to your collection. Since Suicune is a Water-type Pokemon, players should stick with Electric-type Pokemon and Grass-type Pokemon during Suicune raids, with an emphasis on Grass-type Pokemon if it's sunny and Suicune doesn't have any Ice-type attacks equipped.


While Suicune is a popular Pokemon due to being Pokemon Crystal's Mascot Legendary Pokemon, the Pokemon isn't particularly strong in Pokemon Go. Due to the number of players that should be out this weekend, players shouldn't have any problem quickly defeating the Pokemon. Capturing it might be a little more tricky, but remember that Shiny Legendary Pokemon have a 100% chance of being caught if you hit it with a Poke Ball while it's not attacking.

The Suicune Raid Day will take place on August 17th from 4 PM to 7 PM.