Pokemon Go Adds New Shiny Pokemon to Celebrate Start of September

Pokemon Go has added a pair of new Shiny Pokemon to celebrate the start of September. At the beginning of each month, Pokemon Go adds new Field Research tasks to keep things interesting for trainers. As part of the monthly changeover, Pokemon Go's developers also added a pair of new Shiny Pokemon to give players additional Pokemon to actively search for. The Shiny forms of Electrike and its evolution Manectric were added to Pokemon Go yesterday afternoon. Players can find Electrike in the wild, or they can complete the "Battle Another Trainer" Field Research quest to earn an Electrike encounter.


Shiny Pokemon are variant colored versions of Pokemon that are usually quite rare. Shiny Electrike has blue fur/skin instead of its usual pale green skin, while Shiny Manectric has dark grey skin/fur instead of its usual blue skin. As these Pokemon won't have a boosted Shiny rate, your best chance to obtain them is to find an Electrike nest and start catching as many Pokemon as you can.

In addition to the new Shiny Pokemon, players also have the opportunity to obtain a Flower Crown Eevee. This costumed Pokemon will be available as the Research Breakthrough encounter during September and October. While this might be a disappointing choice for some players (considering previous Research Breakthroughs have typically involved Legendary Pokemon), players also have several weeks of Ultra Bonus events and a bevy of "Gen 5" Pokemon to look forward to in September as well. The first Ultra Bonus event, a Johto Journey involving boosted rates of Pokemon originally seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver, starts later today.