Pokemon Masters to Hold Rock-type Event With Olivia Scout Banner

The next Pokemon Masters event will be focused on Rock-type Pokemon, and will include increased chances to obtain the strongest Rock-type Sync Pair in the game. Over the weekend, Pokemon Masters announced that it would be hosting a Rock-type Training Event, which is designed to make it easier to level up Rock-type Sync Pairs. Although full details aren't available about the event, it will likely take place in October after the end of the current Story event focusing on Blue. Additionally, Pokemon Masters will hold a Banner event involving Olivia, the strongest Rock-type trainer in the game. During the banner event, players will have a higher likelihood of pulling Olivia when they use the Sync Pair Scout.

Pokemon Masters is the free-to-play Pokemon mobile game that centers on 3-on-3 battles. Players build teams using "Sync Pairs" of one Pokemon and one trainer and then battle them in unique realtime competitions. Olivia and her Lycanroc are extremely powerful due to their Stone Edge attack, a 3-bar physical attack that deals massive damage to a single Pokemon. Olivia can also boost her Lycanroc's Attack stat using her X Attack buff, and she can use the "Hard As Diamonds!" ability to boost her accuracy and critical-hit rate. Lycanroc's passive skill also increases its speed when it lands a Critical Hit.


Olivia is currently available in Pokemon Masters, but the banner event will likely increase her appearance rate to 2.0%. We'll see if the Rock-type event features any other surprises, such as a new Sync Pair or a new Sygma Suit, which gives a trainer an alternate Pokemon.

Pokemon Masters is off to a hot start, drawing in over $10 million in sales over the first week of the game. Players have enjoyed the unique take on Pokemon battles, but have criticized the game for its grindy nature and its high cost of paid resources. The game is currently available on both iOS and Android devices.