Teamfight Tactics Is Adding Kai'Sa

League of Legends KaiSa
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends players have already seen the Void ADC Kai’Sa become a frequent pick in normal play and establish dominance on the competitive scene, and it looks like Teamfight Tactics players will soon be able to see if she’ll do the same in that game mode. Riot Games announced on Wednesday that Kai’Sa will be coming to Teamfight Tactics as a new champion releasing in Patch 9.19. A breakdown of the character shared alongside the announcement showed how she’ll fit into different team compositions and what she’ll be capable of.

Like some other champions who have more than just one Origin or Class, Kai’Sa will fit into three different categories. The champion is of the Void Origin, an obvious decision for anyone familiar with her lore, but she’s also both a Ranger and an Assassin. With all of those Origin and Class bonuses focused on damage, combining them means you’ll have a powerful champion, but only if you can nab the five-star character and utilize her properly.

“The next champion to be added to Teamfight Tactics is none other than the daughter of the void, Kai’Sa,” Riot Mortdog said about the upcoming champion. “She’ll be warping in as a Legendary 5 cost unit and opening quite a few new build possibilities since she is a Void Assassin Ranger! A triple hitter to enable more unique builds. She can be the carry in an end game Ranger & Brawler build, or a safer Assassin while you chase the 9 Assassin dream. Lots of possibilities.”

Her attack damage stat is lower than one might expect, according to the Rioter, but she’s got the highest base attack speed in the game mode. This’ll be helpful in gaining enough mana to use her ultimate which allows her to dash past the furthest enemy while gaining “a shield and a lot of attack speed” in the process. Couple this ability with the Ranger buff and some items that grant more attack speed and you’ll have a Kai’Sa that’s zipping around the board.


Kai’Sa’s release will be accompanied by a change to the Void champions. Starting in the same update, having two Void units will allow one of them to do true damage while having four on the board will let all Void champs benefit from the bonus. The Rioter equated the trait’s new effect to one player might experience when playing with an Imperial composition.

Teamfight Tactics will add Kai’Sa and the Void change in Patch 9.19, but the champion is available now on the PBE for testing.