Guy Fieri Celebrates National Video Games Day With the Perfect Mario Meme

In an unexpected crossover we didn’t know we needed until we laid eyes on it, Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown himself, has become Mario. Or rather, Mario from Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario series has become Guy Fieri with blonde, spiked hair and a spatula in-hand, ready to flip up some mushroom burgers. Fieri shared the crossover meme showing the Mario-Fieri hybrid on Thursday to celebration National Video Games Day.

The image shown below is one of many that comes from Fieri’s Twitter account where he’s turned into different characters and celebrities, so it’s perfectly on-brand for the TV personality. He’s dubbed the creation “Super Guy Fieri,” his followers are either viewing the meme as a blessed or cursed image with little in-between to be found.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate modders have already added all sorts of other characters to the game since it’s been released, so perhaps we’ll see someone make their own version of Super Guy Fieri in the game now that the idea has been revealed to the world.

Scroll back just a bit further in Fieri’s Twitter feed and you’ll find that this type of crossover isn’t at all atypical for him. Capitalizing on the relevancy of different moments as they come, you’ll find more images like this one there such as the Post Malone image created to commemorate the artist’s new album.


If you’re wondering what the reasoning is behind the timing of the Mario image, it’s because September 12th is National Video Games Day, or at least it is depending on who you ask. Hashtags for “National Video Games Day” and “Video Games Day” have been trending on Twitter all throughout the day, but there’s actually more than one day of the year when people choose to celebrate their gaming hobbies. The Video Game History Foundation dug for an answer and could only find so much on the topic, but September 12th is indeed an acceptable day to celebrate the holiday.

Be on the lookout for more creative crossovers like this one as others celebrate National Video Games Day throughout the rest of the holiday.