Pokemon Go Teases Rotom

Pokemon Go could be adding a new Pokemon in the near future. Yesterday, the Pokemon Go Twitter account made a cryptic tweet about a "suspicious folder" found on Professor Willow's computer. While the Internet quickly came to a less than clean conclusion about what Professor Willow was hiding on his computer, the tease likely refers to Rotom, a popular "Gen 4" Pokemon. Rotom is an Electric/Ghost-type Pokemon known for possessing different types of appliances and electronics. From PokeDexes to mowers, Rotom can take control of just about any sort of machine, which grants it different abilities and access to attacks.


In the main series Pokemon games, Rotom has the ability to switch between five forms by possessing different kinds of appliances and household equipment. Pokemon Go has struggled with the ability to switch forms, so we'll likely see all six different forms appear independently in the game. While it's unclear how Pokemon Go will add Rotom to the game, but one suggestion is that the Pokemon could be added as part of the Halloween event, which has traditionally been an exciting time in Pokemon Go. After all Rotom is a Ghost-type Pokemon and what would be scarier than a Pokemon taking control of your computer and sharing all of your "suspicious folder" with the outside world?

Other possibilities for the cryptic tweet could include a tie-in to Pokemon Sword and Shield (following last year's successful reveal of Meltan) or perhaps the beginning of some Team Rocket event. More information will likely be revealed in the coming days.