Fortnite Fishing Guide: How to Fish for Health and Weapons

One of Fortnite’s most entertaining changes in its second chapter is a new fishing mechanic. Fishing is the latest mini-game activity Epic Games has added and is not unlike golfing and other side activities players can take part in. Like the past events, it’s also connected to some of the challenges that are already in place now that the first season of Chapter 2 is underway. It’s also a bit more helpful than other activities since it’ll grant players different resources depending on what they reel in.

To start fishing in Fortnite, you’ll have to find a fishing rod first. Finding these is simple enough since they’re included in the loot pool for chests and floor loot, but the easiest way to find them is to go to places like docks, piers, and other areas surrounding the new bodies of water. You’ll occasionally find barrels full of fishing poles in those locations to make sure you can get a rod and that anyone else who might be in your squad can as well.

With a fishing rod in hand, you can head to a body of water and use it. Look for areas in the water where bubbles are appearing – that’s where you’ll want to cast your line. With a little luck on your side, you’ll soon get a bite and will be able to pull something in.

What you get from your fishing trip appears to be random though. The most expected result is a fish that restores some of your health, but you can also get another type of fish that restores both shields and health. You can keep these with you in your inventory to use them whenever you need to.


If you’re not reeling in a fish, there’s a chance you could get some other useful resources. Weapons can be found in the water, though pulling those in is a rare occurrence. It’s also part of a challenge right now that tasks players with doing just that, so expect to see a lot of people trying to fish peacefully. Another common outcome is dragging in a small amount of building materials.

While you’re near the water, you can try out the new fishing mechanic as well as the boats that have been added. Using boats and swimming around are simple enough tasks, but you can consult our guide here if you haven’t done either yet and want to know how they work.

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