More Good Dogs and Cats are Coming to Dungeons & Dragons

Painting Polygons has announced a new set of Animal Adventures miniatures that can be used in current Dungeons & Dragons games. Paintying Polygons has announced that the Kickstarter for Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove will launch on January 28th. Secrets of Gullet Cove will not only feature over 20 new miniatures, but it will also officially launch a fully-fledged Animal Adventures universe, complete with its own setting. The core pledge for the Kickstarter (which will cost $70) will help fund production of the miniatures, an illustrated handbook containing new NPCs, locations, and a collection of multi-part adventures, and a collection of maps. The new setting and rules will be compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, and Painting Polygons will work with Steamforged Games to produce the miniatures and other rewards.

Russ Charles, the creator of the Animal Adventures world, launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2018 and 2019, each of which funded production of miniatures sets featuring cat and dog adventurers. The new Kickstarter will fund a new set featuring both cats and dogs, along with a new Kickstarter exclusive Paladin. You can check out some renders of the new miniatures below:

(Photo: Russ Charles/Steamforged)
(Photo: Russ Charles/Steamforged)
(Photo: Russ Charles/Steamforged)

I had the opportunity to play an Animal Adventures module last year at Gen Con, and it was an absolute joy. Roleplaying as a very good doggo is a lot of fun and Charles has created a remarkably fresh world where these animals live and explore. The miniatures themselves are amazing (as is just about any miniature that Steamforged makes) and this time we'll get a full-blown setting book to go along with them. Personally, I can't recommend the Animal Adventures miniatures enough, so I'm glad that a whole new batch will be released in the nearish future.

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